Ever-FIT Sessions – comparison with Crossfit

So what’s the difference between a crossfit WOD and an Ever-FIT session? Short answer….. Not much

As you would know every gym, personal training studio and crossfit box has their unique way of doing things. At the SB Ever-FIT Transformation Hub we are no different. So we all know what a Crossfit WOD is, if not Google it. But how does an Ever-FIT session differ to a ‘traditional’ Cross Fit WoD?

At SB Ever-FIT a WoD/Ever-FIT session will normally go for a minimum of 30min plus 10-15min of technique/instruction, this could include 2-3 workouts/AMRAP’s within the one 45min to 1 hour session. Also due to the size of the Coorparoo SB Ever-FIT Transformation Hub and available equipment Ever-FIT sessions do not or very rarely run in waves, therefore all participants will get a full workout for the entire session and not have to ‘wait’ for their turn or count a partners reps.

Also Ever-FIT sessions are scaled to the point where only those who have completed the 8 hour foundation course and indicate they are competent in the fundamental lifting movements i.e. the Clean and Jerk, Snatch, Deadlift etc can attempt the higher/advanced movements. The foundation course is run monthly.

The Crossfit style of training is a great way to approach fitness, it sometimes gets a bad rap and this is not due to any fault of Crossfit, however it is the ‘coach’ or box that is to be blamed. Just like any fitness or personal training centre there is the good, the great and the bad.

The video is an example of an Everfit session. This session took place with 37 attendees and 10 new attendees who have never exercised before. The session was scaled and allowed for all fitness levels although there was still a need to improve the technique with the inexperienced/new participants.

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